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Why Kipin?

Kipin is the pure digital business card

With Kipin you can create your dynamic card within minutes, share it with your smartphone and allow the recipient to add your data directly to his device. Kipin is:
You will be able to have multiple business cards (one for business, one for personal use, etc) whose content may vary over time and even according to the recipient
The recipient will not lose your paper card anymore, but he will add your data directly to his smartphone's address book
To send your card you don't need that recipient uses Kipin since the cards are in standard vCard format, recognized by most smartphones on the market
Always with you
You will no longer need to bring your cards with you in your pocket, car or bag, but you'll have everything in your smartphone, always at your fingertips


Create your cards and share them by:


Kipin uses the vCard standard, supported by most smartphones on the market as well as many older non-smarphone cell phones. This means that the recipient will not have to use Kipin to receive your card.

How it works

Kipin is a WebApp which is an extremely lightweight, constantly updated app that can be easily added to your smartphone's home screen.

To start using Kipin you need only 5 minutes!
1. Sign-up
Sign in to by entering your e-mail address and confirming it through the message you'll receive
2. Create a card
Create your first card by entering your data. You do not need graphic design, just enter your details, so it'll take 2 minutes.
3. Share
Send your Card to anyone you want and use the channel you like. Recipient will not need Kipin!


Start using Kipin now! Benefits are counterless:

1. Simply to share

You can send your Card through various sharing channels (Email, SMS, WhatsApp, QRCode, etc.)

2. Multiple cards

You can create multiple business cards to use as needed (one for work, one for personal use, one for hobby, etc.)

3. Dynamic

Each card gives to you the possibility to choose what to share before sharing it, varying its content according to the recipient

4. Dedicated address

Choosing your kiname, every card will have a dedicated address as

5. Effective

There is no risk that recipients will lose your business card because, with Kipin, the recipient can save your card directly to his address book

6. Synchronized

By accessing multiple devices, your cards will always be synchronized and always with you

7. Universal

Kipin cards are all in vCard format, the standard for digital cards, supported by most smartphones on the market, as well as by many older non-smarphone phones

8. Also for nostalgic

It provides the QRCode to print on your paper business card

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More info FREE PRO
iOS, Android, Desktop WebAppYou will be able to access your cards and share them from multiple platforms
Automatic synchronizationYour cards will always be synchronized between all your devices
Unlimited cardsYou can create as many cards as you want, for professional use, for personal use, etc.
Unlimited sharesYou will not have any limit on the number of shares you can make
Link to social channelsIn the Card you can insert links to all your social channels
Logo in cardYou can add a logo or photo to each card, that will then appear in the recipient's address book when he/she will add your data
Card available on WebThere is no need for the recipient to use Kipin to receive your data since your card will be accessible from the web
Dedicated URL for each cardEach card will have a URL like
Sharing by E-mail, SMS, WhatsAppYou can share your cards through the most common channels
Generate vCard for sharing through other AppsYou can generate your card in the universal vCard format so you can share it with other apps
Professional HTML signature for e-mails extra bonus!You can generate your professional HTML signature to be used in all your e-mails (compatible with Gmail, Outlook, AppleMail, Thunderbird)
QR-Code for printingEach card will have a custom QR-Code that can be used on paper supports such as invoices, letters and, why not, traditional business cards -
Sharing by QR-CodeYou can share your card through QR-Code so that the recipient, through a simple photo from his smartphone, will add your data to his address book -
Customized URLYou can customize the URL of your card to have one like -
Claim in cardsYou can add a Claim on your cards to specify the mission of your business -
IBAN in cardsYou can add your IBAN to the Card so that you can also use Kipin to share your bank details and receive payments -
Analytics statsYou can view the analytics of your cards, by day and time -
Data filter for individual recipientsYou can filter the data that a specific recipient can see by sending him/her a card customized for him -
History of viewsYou will have access to the history of all the shares made, with relative dates and channel of sharing -
Tracking of individual card viewsYou will be able to trace individual cards to know if and when a specific recipient will have viewed your card -
Electronic invoicing data in card new!You will be able to enter your coordinates to be shared with suppliers who will have to send you electronic invoices -
More info Freeforever € 1 /monthbilled annually

After you have activated the FREE version, you will decide whether to switch to the PRO


The protection of your data is extremely important for us.

All data are exchanged on SSL protocol with 2048 bit security
We will never distribute your data and we will never sell them to third parties
Check out our Privacy Policy and our Cookie Policy posted on the site

Frequently Asked Questions

What will you do with my data?

We will keep your data for the purpose of managing the service and the features you have subscribed to. We will NEVER re-sell them to third parties, nor will we publish them.
If you want ( and only if you want), you can decide to make your data visible to other Kipin users for new job opportunities. Alternatively, your data will always remain visible only to you and to people that know the link of your cards.

I can't find Kipin on Play Store or App Store. Where can I install it?

Kipin is a WebApp and therefore extremely light but as powerful as an App.
To install Kipin you can click on Start now button, and, after you have validated your e-mail address, click OK when the installation will be prompted. If you do not install the WebApp on the first request, you can do it later through the easy steps that you'll find in the guide.

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