The Business Card
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Grow your business as other 7.682 users have done by sending 108.899 cards


Create your business card online, keep it and share it. All with your smartphone.



You will not need the recipient to use Kipin to view your business card.
An internet connection is all he/she needs.



Create as many business cards as you want (for personal, business or hobby use) so that you always have the right card for every need.



Allow the recipient to click on your contact information to immediately get in touch with you.



If you want, before sending your business card, filter the data according to the recipient so as to establish exactly what information he/she will be able to see.



Monitor the statistics of your business card.
Per day, time and single access.



Not just a business card. You can also present yourself through a professional signature at the bottom of your e-mails.



Your data will always be synchronized between all your devices (smartphone, tablet, desktop pc, etc.)


No trees will be knocked down to print your business cards




$ 0


The famous digital business card, completely free (forever) which includes
  • WebApp for Android, iOS and Desktop synchronized with each other
  • Unlimited sendings via E-mail, SMS, WhatsApp
  • Professional signature to use in your emails


€ 1


The professional version that includes all the FREE features, plus the possibility of
  • Customize the address of the card
  • Limit the visibility of data based on recipient
  • Maintain a share history
  • Access viewing statistics


€ 2


The ultra-professional version that includes all the features of the PRO, plus the possibility of
  • Customize the look and feel of the card and the signature
  • Synchronize the address book with Google
  • Send the business card to your Google Contacts
  • Add new contacts to Google Contacts
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iOS, Android, Desktop WebApp You will be able to access your cards and share them from multiple platforms
Unlimited cards and sendings You can create as many cards as you want, and you will not have any limit on the number of shares
No need for the recipient to use Kipin It will not be necessary for the recipient to use Kipin to receive your data as your card will be reachable from the web through a dedicated address
Share card by E-mail, SMS, WhatsApp You can share your cards through the most common channels
Professional HTML signature for e-mails extra bonus!You can generate your professional HTML signature to be used in all your e-mails (compatible with Gmail, Outlook, AppleMail, Thunderbird)
Share card by QR-Code You can share your card through QR-Code so that the recipient, through a simple photo from his smartphone, will add your data to his address book -
Customized URL You can customize the URL of your card to have one like -
Additional additional data on cards such as Claim, IBAN and coordinates for Electronic Billing Your card may include a Claim to indicate the mission of your business, your IBAN to receive payments and the electronic billing coordinates to be shared with your suppliers -
Statistics, History of shares and Tracking of views You can view the access statistics of your cards, see the history of all the shares made and track the sendings to know if and when a specific recipient will have seen your card -
Filter card data for individual recipients You can filter the data that a specific recipient can see by sending him/her a card customized for him -
Internal WebApp address book new!You can save new contacts in an internal WebApp address book for future reference - -
Graphically customize your card You will be able to customize the colors and fonts of your cards - -
Synchronization with Google Contacts new!You can synchronize the internal WebApp address book with Google Contacts - -
Added notes to contacts in the phonebook new!You will be able to add a note to your contacts in the phone book so as to track any useful information (eg: how you met that person) without changing the contact and therefore without sending such information in case of contact sharing - -
Send business card to recipients in Google contacts new!You will be able to send your business card to the recipients in Google Contacts - -
Save new contacts in Google Contacts new!You can save new contacts to which you will send your business cards directly in the Google Contacts - -
Removal Kipin references at the bottom of the card You can remove the Kipin references on the bottom of the card - -

Free forever No credit card required € 1 /month billed annually € 2 /month billed annually


The protection of your data is extremely important for us.

All data are exchanged on SSL protocol with 2048 bit security
We will never sell your data, or publish it without your consent
Check out our Privacy Policy and our Cookie Policy posted on the site

Frequently Asked Questions

What will you do with my data?

We will keep your data for the purpose of managing the service and the features you have subscribed to. We will NEVER re-sell them to third parties or publish them without your explicit consent.
If you want ( and only if you want), you can decide to make your data visible to other Kipin users for new job opportunities. Alternatively, your data will always remain visible only to you and to people that know the link of your cards.

I can't find Kipin on the App Store. Where can I install it?

Kipin is a WebApp and therefore extremely light but as powerful as an App.
To install Kipin you can click on Start now button, and, after you have validated your e-mail address, click OK when the installation will be prompted. If you do not install the WebApp on the first request, you can do it later through the easy steps that you'll find in the guide. However, on the PlayStore, an Android version is available that has the same features as the WebApp.